Vernisaj Ovidiu Lebejoara

Emisiune Bruno Medicina – Emotii, Energie si Vitalitate
aprilie 15, 2017
Orchestra Nationala Electrecord si Invitatii sai
aprilie 20, 2017
Arata tot

Miercuri, 19 aprilie, Galeria Alexandra’s va invita la vernisajul expozitiei „Ovidiu Lebejoara – De la Apollo la Statuia Libertatii”. Nascut in apropierea Bucurestiului, Ovidiu Lebejoara a avut norocul sa ajunga peste ocean inainte de 1989, iar Statele Unite l-au acceptat cu entuziasm pe artisul care vizualiza natura intr-o maniera atat de suprarealista, dar deloc agresiva, care-l izoleaza pe privitor de lumea zgomotoasa si de inerentele turbulente, oferindu-i, in schimb, pace.

Ovidiu Lebejoara isi explica portretele ca fiind dedicate simplului, nu simplitatii, si le definineste ca pe niste portaluri simbolice ce leaga umanitatea de fortele incomprehensibile ale naturii.Lucrarile lui Ovidiu Lebejoara au fost expuse in Statele Unite (la Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Pasadena, Reno, Sacramento, San Bernardino, San Diego, Washington DC), Italia (Bologna, Perugia), Canada (Montreal), Anglia (Londra), Olanda (Amsterdam), Argentina (Buenos Aires), Japonia (Tokyo), Africa de Sud (Johannesburg), Australia (Sydney), Suedia (Stockholm), Franta (Bordeaux, Paris), Moldova (Chisinau), dar si in Romania (Bucuresti, Iasi, Ploiesti).

STUDII: Colegiul de Arte Plastice Nicolae Tonitza Bucuresti, Otis/Parsons Institute of Art and Design Los Angeles, Syracuse University New York

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MEMBRU al: Knikerbucker Artists of New York, LiterArt, New World Art Center, Romanian-American Academy of Art and Science, United Pastelist of America.


Born in Romania, 12-14-1952. Since 1986 he has lived in Los Angeles. His compositions are an original approach to interpretation of nature using simple terms: water, light, food, and energy. Ranging in style from surrealism to realism, the artist has built a distilled vision of reality where nature’s lights and life’s perennial mystery compose a personal symbolism that speaks through elaborated colors and pictorial forms. Ovidiu Lebejoara forgoes the distraction of superfluous and melodramatic abstraction in favor of a cohesive portrait that gives the viewer rest from turbulent and noisy world. His strong, well-conceived and esthetically challenging paintings reveal professional attributes in style, technique and concept. Both his older work and his current ongoing series of paintings show a distinctive style and content that he developed a personally, expressive signature. providing a way for exhibitors and collectors to identify his work.

“I like the simple. I do not like the simplicity”, the artist confesses. ‘‘I always asked the eternal questions : Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? Why do we live? With each and every work I made and I have always thought that only nature or God can answer our uncertainties”.

Ovidiu Lebejoara examines the shared bond between nature and the human experience. Profound issues of humanity can be seen in his mysterious and splendorous paintings which serve as reminders to the audience of the connectedness of humankind. His exuberant surreal figurative works spur the emotions as he invites us to probe the subconscious and offers a source of visual wonderment. Mr. Lebejoara explains his art as a visual symbolic portal, stating, “I always ask the eternal questions: Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going?” His powerful oeuvre is deeply psychological, illuminating the intangible forces in nature and expressing a landscape of the mind which exists in the inner spiritual world.
Exploring the gap between reality and fantasy, Ovidiu Lebejoara’s intriguing allegorical landscapes employ symbols that make us reflect on our universe. In “Stepping in Life” the artist defines the maze as a “symbol of all obstacles that we have to pass in life to reach the top.” He adopts imagery as a visual metaphor to express the complexity of identity as he paints anthropomorphic visions which express one’s personal emotions. His beautifully saturated eerily provocative environments bring his surreal panoramas to life. These mysterious dreamscape compositions with moody skies and enigmatic figures exude a particularly quiet emotion and assume an almost spiritual significance. Integrating with painterly ease the combined emotions of body, mind and spirit, the artist employs a subjective lens to share emotions that make us human. Mr. Lebejoara morphs dreams into reality, provoking thoughts to reassemble new relationships into inspirational anecdotes defining new possibilities within one’s personal experiences.

Ruthie Tuker,
Amsterdam Whitney Gallery – New York


MA – Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York – Illustration
CT – Otis/Parsons Institute of Art and Design, Los Angeles, Ca – Graphic Design
Colegiul de Arte Plastice N. Tonitza – Bucharest


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